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Better sleep with an uplifted mood Morning :)

TOREM SLEEP is a non-habit forming natural sleep aid that supports healthy proper sleep. Each veggie capsule contains 500mg of Zylaria.


Zylaria mushroom extract has shown considerable promise in the published literature to help improve sleep quality and help with elevated mood.

Zylaria (Xylaria nigripes extract of NuLiv Science Labs)

An extremely popular mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine. Recently Clinical journals have published data that has shown the mushroom exerts a sedative effect and enhances GABA activity.


Take before bed for better sleep and an uplifted mood in the morning :)


1 serving is 1 (500 mg) capsule


Take 1 to 4 capsules before bedtime.


Do Not Exceed 8 capsules in a 24 Hour Period.


For Best Results: Dedicate 6+ hours of sleep.




Xylaria nigripes (also referred to as Wu Ling Shen) is a traditional Chinese medicine which belongs to the Xylariaceae family of fungi. ... Studies demonstrated Xylaria nigripes had antidepressant and sleep-regulating effects and was used to treat depression and insomnia in clinical practice [18], [19].



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