Whey blend of Hydrolized, Concentrate, and Isolated protein

+super plants to enhance Muscles-Wellness-Focus.


TOREM Athletics takes on protein!!


Our Pro-Athletes are high caliber professionals in their sport.


They challenged our R&D team to create a protein formula that would cover

all the bases a Pro-Athlete needs.


Our lab created a special Whey Protein blend to better mimic natural meals.

We created a blend of Hydrolized, Concentrate, and Isolated protein, this

gives an athlete the perfect combination of fast as well as long-lasting protein
to fuel muscles all day.



Our Pro-Athletes challenged us to create a protein that would help their performance.

That brought us to super plants for different body parts.


Our lab searched the archives to find super plants to give a TOTAL athletic performance.

 4 super plants to fortify muscles, gut health, and mental focus.

Osmanthus, Astragalus, Panax Notoginseng, RosaRoxburghii.


Each serving comes with 24g of protein and 100mg Acteolin, 50mg AstraGin, 50mg ActiGin.