"On this day last year  I decided

I needed to lose weight

and get ripped.


I have been using

NECO-ADIPEM for the last two months and have seen tremedous results from it!

From there to now I've gotten pretty lean and I continue

to get lean.


* The best non-stimulant

fat burner I personally ever used, and I've used A LOT

of them so that's saying a lot"

Brian Hendricks

[Barksdale Air Foce Base, LA, USA]

Neco-Adipem is an amazing product. 

I began taking this formula about a year ago, and lost 70lbs in about 9 months * (down from 285lbs).


I have been taking TOREM's Neco-Adipem every day for a year and a half religiously.

I am now down a total of 85 lbs..


The KFB blend is definitely the best legal formula/blend in the market today.

I'm taking this everyday as I try to lose another 15-20 lbs of fat. *

Ken Montes

[Santa Monica, CA, USA]

TOREM Athletics and Supplements