From the Latin word for Warrior:

TOREM™ is a state of mind that seeks to unlock your full potential. 

We promote growth beyond just pure athleticism and drive the warrior within.

TOREM™ utilizes only the best validated, researched, and proven ingredients

in our formulas. 

TOREM™ ensures the highest levels of quality

with each blend, maximizing the biochemical process and achieving warrior results.

TOREM™ fits your journey, providing the balance between body and mind.

Igniting the Inner warrior

Imagine unlocking your full potential and transforming your life - both body and mindset.


Neco-Adipem™, created by TOREM™,

is a unique and dynamic approach to weight management.


This lifestyle blend targets the root challenges in weight gain and difficulty

in reducing fat in the body.


Neco-Adipem™ helps you achieve your lifestyle goals you deserve.


Neco-Adipem™ is an ultra-premium, stimulant-free nutrient partitioner

that optimizes the way your body uses nutrients in your intestine,

skeletal muscle, and most importantly in fat cells themselves throughout the body.


TOREM™ Neco-Adipem™ 

supports your weight management goals by:

  • Curbing your appetite

  • Boosting your metabolism

  • Amplifying your body’s burn potential

  • Optimizing glucose transportation

       to muscle and fat cells


InnoSlim™ 250 mg

Fat oxidation amplifier & glucose stabilizer.

Advantra-Z® 50mg

Orange bitter extract, increasing metabolic rate safely.


Garcinia Cambogia 100mg

Tropical fruit extract featuring hydroxycitric acid (HCA), an agent that blocks conversion of sugars and starches into fat.


Green Tea Extract 250mg

Antioxidant power, phyto-nutrient support.


ActiGin® 25mg

Energy and endurance support blend that throttles more glycogen into your muscles.

CapsiMax® 50mg

Natural Capsicum extract derived from red hot chili peppers, key for metabolism boost.

The great Roman scholar Tacitus wrote,

“I empathize with people who are strong, optimistic,

and full of energy”.

Neco-Adipem™ brings you there.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential?


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